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About Chef Merito Seasonings and Spices

Who is Chef Merito?

Chef Merito is a food company that creates, manufactures, markets and distributes seasonings, spices, and specialty foods for consumers of Latin American and Spanish foods. Chef Merito makes many of the world's finest spices, seasonings, breading mixes, batters, sauces, flavored rice and other specialty foods. We market our products primarily in the United States and Mexico, but using the internet we have shipped our products worldwide.
Most importantly, Chef Merito is a company of people who are happy to cook and happy to eat and happy that they can help make the world a more delicious place.

What are our brand names?

We manufacture our products under the registered brand names of Chef Merito®, Sabrosito®, Pikos Pikosos®, and Ppeppers®.

Who cooks with Chef Merito products?

If you love authentic Spanish, Latin-American or Mexican meals, then you should be using Chef Merito's products. Over eighty percent of Hispanic chefs in Southern California's Hispanic-owned restaurants use our products! Our products may be used individually or may complement other products. For example, our hot sauce or lime juice can go on any type of food. Try our products, and you will know why we are the leader in Latin American and Mexican condiments!

What is our most popular spice?

One of Chef Merito's most popular spices is garlic. Garlic is used by many other cultures and cuisines, such as Italian and Chinese, and it has many health benefits. Chef Merito garlic is very popular, even more so than other brands, because the quality is superb. Many customers claim that we have the "best" garlic. We believe we do because we take extra care in selecting garlic that not only tastes good, but which also has a strong but sweet aroma. Try it!

What is our most popular seasoning?

The popularity of our seasonings depends on what region of the U.S. you live in. In the West Coast, Carne Asada seasoning is the most popular. In the Southern U.S., the Fajitas Seasoning is the most popular. In Florida and New York, Adobo is the most consumed. One of Chef Merito's most popular seasonings in the Northern U.S. and Midwest is the exciting Salt, Lemon and Chili Seasoning. Salt, Lemon and Chili is a great seasoning for any snack, meal or beverage. Click here to experience the hot-wet sensation.