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Is a safe and secure website to place an order using a credit card?

Yes, we are secured by "GeoTrust" you can view our license by scrolling down and clicking on the GeoTrust logo. You will also see the little lock in the right hand corner of your screen appear once you begin the checkout process.

Where can I buy Chef Merito products? 

You can make wholesale or retail purchases online. Click here to start shopping.

Chef Merito products can also be found at: Albertsons Markets, Food 4 Less, Jax Markets, Vons Supermarkets, Vallarta Super Markets, Smiths Food & Drugs, Danals of Dallas, Max Foods, Jerry's Markets, Ralphs, Stater Brothers Markets, and Youngs Markets. For a complete list of stores, click here.

Does Chef Merito produce any other brand names?

We manufacture our products under the registered® brand names of Chef Merito, Sabrosito, Pikos Pikosos, and Ppeppers®.

When was Chef Merito founded?

On January 17, 1985, The Garcia Family decided it was time to blend herbs and spices together to create some of the world's finest spices and seasonings. They decided to call the company Chef Merito, which means "The little authentic chef." Today, after 16 years of business, Chef Merito is a rapidly growing multi-million dollar company.

Are Chef Merito products only for preparing or consuming Mexican food?

No. Although we target the consumer of Mexican foods, Chef Merito prepares seasonings and spices and specialty foods for all consumers. Of course, our tastes are inclined towards the Latin American and Mexican culinary palates, but in the modern world of cooking (which emphasizes the fusion of different cuisines) anyone can put Mexican hot sauce on Chinese vegetable spring rolls or make "carne asada quiche" or "spicy chocolate chip cookies."

If you know Mexican cooking, Chef Merito will make your life easier; if you don't, we can show you how. We want you to experiment with our products to create your own, individual cuisine. Enjoy!

Does Chef Merito contribute to charitable organizations?

Yes. Chef Merito's primary charities are linked to education. Chef Merito currently sponsors an ongoing scholarship program for several organizations including a full four-year scholarship at UCLA. However, Chef Merito may also contribute to other charities from time to time, depending on our financial situation.

If you have any more questions, please contact us