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Glazed Orange Chicken Wings


  • 2 lbs. chicken wings
  • ½ cup Chef Merito Chicken Seasoning
  • 1 cup Chef Merito Chicken Marinade
  • 1 cup Chef Merito Seasoned Bread Crumbs for chicken
  • ½ cup Chef Merito Mojo Criollo Marinade
  • 1 cup orange marmalade with natural zest
  • 4 Tbsp. soy sauce
  • 2 cups vegetable oil
  • Chef Merito Garlic Salt (season to taste)


Chef Merito Adobo Dip, to accompany the chicken wings:

1 cup mayonnaise
4 Tbsp. Chef Merito Adobo Creole Style Seasoning o In a bowl, using a whisk, blend the mayonnaise and Chef Merito Adobo Creole Style Seasoning; mix well and refrigerate.

Chef Merito Creole Salsa:

- In a saucepan, mix the orange marmalade and soy sauce and let boil. Once the mixture begins to boil, add the Chef Merito Mojo Criollo Marinade and continue to boil. Remove the salsa from the pan and let it cool.


Thoroughly rinse the chicken wings and pat dry with paper towels.
Place the chicken wings in a bowl and add the Chef Merito Chicken Seasoning and mix well using tongs. Once the seasonings are thoroughly mixed with the chicken, add a cup of the Chef Merito Chicken Marinade and mix well. Place the chicken wings in a sealable bag making sure no air remains. For the perfect marinade, refrigerate for 2 hours.
In a bowl, mix the Chef Merito Seasoned Bread Crumbs with Chef Merito Garlic Salt and Chef Merito Chicken Seasoning to taste; mix well.
Once the chicken is marinated, remove from the bag and drain all the juice. Place each wing, one by one, in the bowl with the mix of breadcrumbs, garlic salt and seasonings ensuring each is breaded thoroughly.
Preheat the oil in a pan to approximately 350°F; cook the chicken wings for 5 minutes on each side or until golden. Remove the chicken from the pan and drain excess oil using a strainer and paper towels.
Let the chicken wings cool.
In a separate pan bring the Chef Merito Creole Salsa to a boil, and then add the chicken wings. Make sure the chicken wings are covered in salsa and then remove from the pan. Serve wings with the Chef Merito Adobo Dip.