History of Chef Merito

He feverishly and carefully chopped onions and garlic in his kitchen—still wearing a business suit and tie. Well into the night, his family already sound asleep, he continued in his makeshift test kitchen, exploring and perfecting his recipe. You see, Plinio Garcia was a salesman whose true passion was experimenting with flavor. He’d sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and scramble a few notes in the notebook he kept next to his bed. Then, the next morning he’d share his newly discovered invention with his family—a steak seasoned with a mix of paprika and black pepper, or a sea bass seasoned with garlic, cumin, and white pepper. His wife, Maria, was a patient woman whose creativity and passion for cooking often inspired his recipes. So that’s how it went, Mr. Garcia spent his days in the office dreaming of flavors and spices, and his nights mixing, blending, experimenting, and creating new flavors. He didn’t simply wake up one day knowing he wanted to open up his own company—it was his passion for food and flavor that led the way.

When wonderful aromas first drifted out of the Garcia’s kitchen window, so did word of the Garcia’s secret seasonings. Many were eager to have some of the seasoning for themselves. Mr. Garcia started his family business in 1985, after spending many sleepless nights perfecting his recipe. And when it came time to name the business, Maria named it Chef Merito, "the best chef."

Consumer Products

Roll up your sleeves, and let your imagination and Chef Merito lead the way! Make every meal a culinary delight with our line of seasonings for chicken, pork, red meat, fish, soups, salads, or vegetables. Trust us, cooking great meals doesn’t have to be a complicated process. All you need is a dash of creativity, love for cooking, and Chef Merito. With our full line of seasonings, herbs, spices, and special seasoning blends you can easily enhance the flavor of any meal. That’s all it takes!

For those seeking great flavor with no MSG, Chef Merito has developed "No MSG" seasonings, that offer authentic flavor always found in Chef Merito products, but with no MSG. A growing number of consumers with specific health concerns have expressed their wish for MSG-free dishes, and Chef Merito is their to meet their preference. It’s a healthy alternative which includes all the flavor of Chef Merito’s great products!

Batters, Breadings, and Marinades

With our batters, breading and marinades, you can say goodbye to complicated recipes and a long list of ingredients! Our batters are made from flours mixed with herbs, spices, and other food ingredients. This unique combination was all crafted so you can whip up some mean fried chicken. Craving something baked? Try our breading mixes, made from bread crumbs, herbs, spices, and seasonings—you’ll be enjoying a Milanesa in no time. Yup, even tamales are made simply delicious with Chef Merito’s Adobo para Tamales. Or make a bold statement with meat, fajitas or chicken marinades. Thanks to Chef Merito’s batters, breading, and marinades it’s no work and all play in the kitchen!

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