Fish Seasoning

Looking to change things up for dinner? Cooking a variety of fish with the Chef Merito® Fish Seasoning can help you do just that! The onion, cilantro and white pepper naturally brings out the natural flavor of fish to help you cook up a delicious meal. You can also mix a teaspoon with sour cream to make the perfect garnish or dip!

How to use it:Salmon, Tilapia, or Shrimp will taste delicious with a little help from the Chef! Just use ¾ teaspoon of fish seasoning per 8 ounces of fish.

Small Jar 3 oz. - $2.83
Small Jar 3 oz. Case of 15 - $24.07
Medium Jar 5 oz. - $3.96
Medium Jar 5 oz. Case of 12 - $28.75
Large Jar 14 oz. - $6.22
Large Jar 14 oz. Case of 12 - $43.66
5 lb. Bag - $16.78
10 lb. Bag - $34.56
20 lb Box - FREE SHIPPING - $53.00
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