Garlic Salt No MSG

Attention all garlic lovers! Try the Chef Merito® Garlic salt and give any meal the rich garlic flavor you love. It’s great for guacamole, roasted chicken, vegetables pasta, and garlic bread!

How to use it: Mix 1 teaspoon of Chef Merito® Garlic Salt, 1 small ripe avocado, 1 teaspoon of Chef Merito® Lime Juice and ½ onion chopped to make a delicious Guacamole!

*Disclosure note for businesses: for our Chef Merito® business customers please note we sell our products in bulk sizes.

Small Jar 3 oz. - $3.39
Small Jar 3 oz. Case of 15 - $29.25
Medium Jar 4.5 oz. - $4.49
Medium Jar 4.5 oz. Case of 12 - $33.72
Large Jar 12.5 oz. - $6.74
Large Jar 12.5 oz. Case of 12 - $51.98
20 lb. Bag - FREE SHIPPING - $47.41
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