Black Pepper NO MSG

This is NOT a pepper. It is a berry, or fruit which grows on a vine. Its use dates back at least 4000 years. Black pepper is the worlds most used spice. It grows naturally in tropical countries around the equator like Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia,Ceylon, India, Sumatra, Java, and Singapore. Although produced in the tropics, most use goes to the United States and Europe. Chef Merito's black pepper is an excellent grind, dust free and use it in all your recipes.

Small Jar 1.5 oz. - $3.39
Small Jar 1.5 oz. Case of 15 - $29.30
Medium Jar 2.5 oz. Case of 12 - $37.78
Large Jar 6.75 oz. - $8.74
Large Jar 6.75 oz. Case of 12 - $69.93
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