Chef Merito Gift Basket

Up to 13 items total:

• Basket

• Chef Merito® 12 month yearly recipe calendar

• Breading and Batter (8oz bags): 2 bags total with choice of: plain, seasoned or spicy bread crumbs, chicken fry or fish fry

• Marinades (25oz bottles): 3 bottles with choice of: meat, chicken or fajitas

• Small Seasoning Jars (approx. 2-3oz.) of various products, (4) jars: choice of: meat, chicken, fish, fajitas, lemon pepper, sal chile limon, salmon, tenderizer, pork chops, garlic salt, shrimp and seasoned salt

• Up to 4 sample packets of products (not selected) to try out.

*Also included are 2 Chef Merito® Mustaches as promotional items.

Chef Merito Gift Basket - $39.95
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